Cancer Coaching Testimonials

Hear how the services provided by Jenny Mulks, other cancer coaches, and the rest of the Circle of Hope team have affected the lives of caregivers, patients, and advocates.

“We were overwhelmed and shocked with this unexpected cancer diagnosis. I had no idea where to start but Jenny helped me get my mind focused and helped me with the fear.”

-Terry R. -Patient

“When my mom was diagnosed, we were both confused on how I could help go through her treatments and aftercare since I live out of town. Jenny helped us coordinate that and work her doctors. My mom is doing great!”

– Sarah S., Caregiver Daughter

“The unknowns of what to expect for treatment was very scary for me and my family. Jenny really helped me get prepared and I believe it helped all of us.”

– Jill W Patient/Parent

"Jenny, I am so thankful to share the blessing we are receiving both from our Lord above and from what we have received from you and Along Comes Hope!

Always looking forward to looking forward! Again, words cannot describe how thankful we are. Keep up the wonderful work you do!"

- Blaire M., Caregiver Parent

“I wish I could bottle your energy and enthusiasm. Every health care worker needs to hear your message.”

-Fay P. Advanced Physician Assistant, Oncology

"Thank you, thank you, Jenny! You have given my family another ray of hope. I have told my mom about your coaching and she's looking forward to speaking with you too. She did mention that she now wants a second opinion after I told her about our coaching calls. We believe in miracles and pray for one every day. We are realizing they come in steppingstones rather than all at once. Your miracle, knowledge and program is inspiring and recharges our faith, so thank you again!"

- Caregiver Daughter

Along Comes Hope Testimonials

See how your membership impacts Along Comes Hope kids.

"I wanted to reach out to you and let you how wonderful you and all the team members of Along Comes Hope are! Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family and everything you continue to do for so many others! Jilli has just passed six months off treatment, and she is doing well. As you well know every day is a blessing and you and Along Comes Hope sure have helped us in understanding the greatness of that! Thank you so much for making a great difference in the world we live in!"

- The Mott Family , Parents of child with cancer

"Luis brings his Mr. Bear (Hope the Bear) everywhere. He doesn't know how the voice keeps changing and the message. We have so many of our friends and family members record stuff, its like a surprise every time. Treasuring like you have no idea we have to take Mr. Bear to all doctor appointments, makes a BIG difference. Thank you soooo much!"

- Lionheart Luis's Parents - RIP 2020, Lionheart Luis

"Along Comes Hope is an organization that is run by a top notch person and cancer survivor. Jenny's passion and commitment for helping children with cancer and their families is unique and inspiring. She is a true professional when it comes to running an organization."

- Great Nonprofits Review

"Along Comes Hope has helped our cancer kids & families with the many various programs they provide. They give support not only to the child with cancer but their siblings & parents. Their level of support is diverse and meets the needs of numerous families in crisis. They are a gift to many in need!"

- Child Life Specialist

Thank you for all that you do for the kiddos and their families. I know from experience that the hope bear is a big part of our journey as we managed to record Mathias' voice on it only days before he passed away. A sweet messsage that says : "I love you Troy!" I hear that at least a few times every day as it is short, sweet and so comforting. Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart."

- Cancer Mommy

Speaker Testimonials

Hear how Jenny Mulks reaches diverse audeinces through speaking engagements.

“Jenny is absolutely amazing! Such an inspirational keynote speaker on being a Hope-maker, and not a Hope-taker… So relevant for front-line oncology providers to better understand a patient’s perspective”

- 1st Surgical Oncology Advanced Practitioner Conference Participant, SOAP - April 2018, Survey

“Jenny is wonderful, and so is… Hope the Bear! She was my favorite speaker…”

- 20th Annual Advanced Practitioner Association of Oncology Conference Participant, August 2017 Survey

“We love Jenny! She brings a timeless, inspiring message of perseverance, courage, and of course… HOPE! She has a calming presence and delivery that encourages providers to slow down and re-discover the true blessing and calling of being there for patients and their family members… especially during their darkest time of need.”

-(Steven Wei, MS, MPH, PA-C; Association of Physician Assistants in Oncology- Past President; Chair of the Surgical Oncology Advanced Practitioner Conference)

"Thank you, Jenny Mulks for your awesome speech at "All Women Rock", Inland Empire, CA.

You were amazing, dynamic and definitely captured the crowds attention about your fight with cancer, your mom's fight, and how you had faith in God.

I was personally impressed with your devotion supporting young kids that are going through cancer. Jenny Mulks Rocks!!!

I am excited to have Jenny Mulks BACK as keynote speaker at "All Women Rock", Orange County conference AND honor her with a "Woman of The Year" award!"

- Carl Wilson CEO & Owner of CDWilsonEvent

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