Meet the Team

of Hope Makers

Meet Your Team!

Jenny has invited coaches Kolleen & Lisa to join us on your journey to THRIVE beyond cancer.

Jenny will also be bringing in a variety of Guest Experts to further support you in all things WELLNESS: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!

As a cohesive team, we share many similarities and differences....

To begin, the 3 of us have all been impacted by cancer, in different ways.

We have all been single moms with young kids, caregivers, survivors, experienced trauma, and overcame some of our darkest days!

By looking at us, you’d never know that:

  • One had cancer, thrived and survived then founded a nonprofit to serve children with cancer!
  • One of us survived an abusive marriage then married a man who lost his fi1st wife to cancer, leaving behind young children for her to co-parent.
  • One of us is a widow who worked for two hours to resuscitate her husband, alone and roadside in Italy.

What's the importance to weaving the team???

We believe it creates a broader perspective and displays how trauma can be overcome in many ways.

Whether you are a Patient or Caregiver; our collective experiences and skills will ensure that you have the resources to THRIVE! You will be given guidance to improve your journey TODAY!

It's up to YOU to take action and activate your new superpowers!

Kolleen Harrison

Yoga Guide and Embodiment Coach

Kolleen Harrison began her yoga journey many years ago, following in her mother's footsteps...

Kolleen's credentials

  • 200 hrs Yoga Trauma Training
  • 300 hrs Yoga Trauma Training/Yoga Psychology
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • 300 hr. Advanced Yoga Psychology Training - Yoga/Psyche/Soul
  • Grief Yoga

Kolleen's media/contact

Instagram: @SoulRestoreYoga



Lisa Kowalski

Nutrition and Fitness Expert

Lisa is a single mom, dog mom and grandmother dedicated to living life to the fullest in physical and mental wellness, while overcoming challenges...

Lisa's credentials

  • Masters in Kinesiology Post Rehab
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Functional Nutrition Specialist
  • Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Online Health & Fitness Coach

Lisa's media/contact

Instagram: @FitForLifeWithLisa


Email: ​

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