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Kamelia Britton talks about the importance of self-care

May 31st, 2021 3 minute readAn entrepreneur, business coach, former nurse, and breast cancer survivor. Cancer is just one part of Kamelia Britton’s full and adventurous life.After feeling burnt out as a nurse, Britton started a travel blog and Instagram. It quickly became a full-time career, and she even began coaching others on how to create their own online businesses. Living her dream, cancer came out of nowhere, as it always does. She was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in 2019.Britton had to pivot and hone in on taking care of herself for a year of brutal treatment. Unable to travel, she shifted by placing more focus on coaching. She focused on how she was going to leave a legacy and focused on living, not dying.Already heavily involved in social media, she decided to be open and vocal about her treatment. She wanted to show an authentic and honest perspective. After 16 rounds of chemo, 20 rounds of radiation, and multiple surgeries, Britton is in remission. She is grateful to be complete and to be able to inspire other women to create their own businesses and live a freedom-based lifestyle.Britton has created the IMPACT Method, which works to reframe and dismantle limiting beliefs through hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming. She has also created the REV Method, which hones in on rewiring the mindset and building up self-confidence. Individuals tap into the subconscious mind and Britton guides them through intuitive questioning.Britton starts each day practicing what she preaches: self-care. This involves meditation, walking her dog, sipping a green smoothie, and really honing in on herself and what she needs. Not only is this beneficial for her, but when she meets with clients they can absorb her energy and achieve better results.Britton seeks to help people, whether it be through business or mindset. Through Circle of Hope, she hopes to help people reconnect with their higher selves. She has experienced the uphill battle of cancer first hand, and knows the importance of taking care of oneself, as a cancer patient and a nurse.Apart from the patient, Britton recognizes the impact cancer has on caregivers as well. Her husband was by her side throughout her journey. Although his attention was very focused on her, he appreciated it when others asked how he was feeling. Britton thinks it will be very beneficial for caregivers to have a space where they can be seen as well.For more information, visit her website here.

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Kamelia Britton talks about the importance of self-care

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Kamelia Britton talks about the importance of self-care

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