Jenny Mulks

Cancer Coach

Jenny is the Founder and CEO of Along Comes Hope®, a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that provides support to families of children with cancer. She is also a Cancer Coach to cancer patients and caregivers, mentoring them since 2007 as they enter this journey to heal and thrive. Her online courses and individual coaching serve patients and caregivers, no matter what phase of the journey they are in; newly diagnosed, in treatment, or well into survivorship. Our ultimate goal as we walk this journey together is to unite the mind and body to support the treatment they will be receiving. We will focus on all things Wellness: mind, body, heart and soul!

Creating a collaborative team, between the practitioners, patients and caregivers, improves compliance, communication and the experience. Our working together supports this concept!. “Treating cancer is not just about the medicine. Patients must set the emotional and mental environment to best thrive in during the challenges ahead.”

Jenny Mulks at TedX

Thriving Through Cancer

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