What is Circle of Hope Cancer Support?

Circle of Hope is a virtual group membership. We inspire courage, strength, humor and hope mixed with a ton of knowledge, resources and tools to guide patients, caregivers, and families touched by cancer to thrive beyond a diagnosis.

Your life is more than this diagnosis!

Every member is supported to move through your journey with grace, love, trust, openness and hope.

You can be as vulnerable, interactive, or anonymous, as you’d like. You’ll gain comfort, strength, resilience and feel empowered knowing you are supported.

By taking action to join, you can begin applying your new “Superpowers” you learn, today!

What Is Circle of Hope - Downloadable PDFs

About Circle of Hope

What if, when life hit you the hardest, there was someone there to guide you? Someone who has walked this journey and been in your shoes, as BOTH a patient and caregiver. Someone to help you THRIVE beyond this cancer diagnosis!

There is! And you’re HERE with the Circle of Hope Cancer Support which is guided by your Cancer Coach, Jenny Mulks!

Congratulations on taking action with this FIRST STEP! When Jenny was given 6 to 12 months to live from a diagnosis of a rare and aggressive cancer called cholangiocarcinoma, she was faced with a decision to just survive or to THRIVE. (We are not meant to just exist in our days on this beautiful earth with the ones we so dearly love.)

We are meant to capture life in its fullest form, to love, to laugh, to live and to create a legacy no matter how many days we have remaining here!

That is the difference between SURVIVING and THRIVING!

Are You Ready to THRIVE Together Today???

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Jenny Mulks featured at TedX

The Circle of Hope Gives Back To Children with Cancer at Along Comes Hope

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